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Centrum podnikání a udržitelnosti

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Want to get the most out of your university education?

Do you care about companies acting more sustainably and responsibly?

Do you want to develop, get inspired and maybe try to start up your own business one day?

If you said yes to all of the above, you’re in the right place! This is exactly what we’ve been working on!

We offer support and consulting to ZČU students in the area of entrepreneurship and sustainability.

We also carry out scholarly work and focus on research activity.

We organize scientific workshops, seminars and competitions.

In short: we’re doing what we can to offer a helping hand to the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs. We’re also trying to incorporate the idea of sustainability into business so that it becomes a natural part of it.

You belong among these people! So when shall we meet? 

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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

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