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Learn to build a strategy, plan and think sustainably and responsibly.

Did you know that…

Only 60% of companies take sustainability into consideration in their strategies?

66% of customers are willing to spend more on a product from sustainable brands?

Incorporating the concept of sustainability into companies can save them money and heighten their operation profit by up to 60%?

Sustainability is now more important than ever.
Help us build a future in which responsible entrepreneurship is natural!

Try it yourself

Experience firsthand how to think about entrepreneurship, start it up and care for it so nothing takes your project by surprise. We take sustainability into consideration and we’ll give you advice on how to incorporate it into your business. 

Get to know the people who will take you further

Meet people from the field who will pass on to you what has worked for them in practice. Take the opportunity to gain the contacts that will follow you throughout your career.

With us, there will be less talk and more practice

We’re working on projects with our partners that can be applied in real life, from successful companies to non-profits. 

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The Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

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